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From the Margins to the Centre - A History of the irish Times Dermot James
From the Margins to the Centre - A History of the Irish Times
ISBN 978–1–905094–04–2
320pp €45.00 / Stg 35.00 / US$70.00
(Publication date March 2008)
Trouble with the Law Liam Clare and Máire Ní Chearbhaill (Editors)
Trouble with the law - Crimes and trials from Ireland’s past
ISBN 978-1-905094-02-8
216pp €25.00 / Stg £17.00 / US$35.00
(Publication date: September 2007)
Dorothy Macardle - A Life - Copyright Woodfield Press Nadia Clare Smith
Dorothy Macardle - A Life
ISBN 978-1-905094-03-5
Pbk Euro19.95
(Publication date: July 2007)
a Gaelic experiment Valerie Jones
a Gaelic experiment
ISBN 1-905094-01-9; 978-1-905094-01-1
Pbk 29.95
(Publication date: September 2006)
Print Culture and Intellectual Life in Ireland. 1660 - 1941 Martin Fanning & Raymond Gillespie
Print Culture and Intellectual Life in Ireland. 1660 - 1941
ISBN 1-905094-00-0; 978-1-905094-00-4
Pbk 35.00
(Publication date: June 2006)
Cesca's Diary 1913 - 1916 Hilary Pyle
Cesca's Diary 1913 - 1916
ISBN 0-9534293-7-7
Pbk 45.00
(Publication date: November 2005)

Dermot James
The Gore-Booths of Lissadell
ISBN 0-9534293-8-5
Pbk 25.00
(Publication date: November 2004)

Mark Maguire
Differently Irish: 25 Years of Vietnamese-Irish Identity
ISBN 0-9534293-9-3
Pbk 22.00
(Publication date: November 2004)

Linda Connolly and Tina O'Toole
Documenting Irish Feminisms - The Second Wave
ISBN 0-9534293-5-0
Pbk 22.00
(Publication date: February 2005)

Susan Hood
Royal Roots - Republican Inheritance: The Survival of The Office of Arms
ISBN 0-9534293-3-4
Pbk €27.00
(Publication Date: August 2002)
Joan Ussher Sharkey
St Anne's - The Story of a Guinness Estate
ISBN 0-9534293-4-2
Pbk €18.50
(Publication Date: July 2002)
K. Lynn

Marie Mulholland
The Politics and Relationships of Kathleen Lynn
ISBN: 0-9534293-2-6
Pbk €14.50
(Publication Date: April 2002)

Excerpts available in PDF-format


Séamus Ó Maitiú
W&R Jacob - Celebrating 150 years of Irish Biscuit Making
ISBN: 0-9534293-1-8, 136pp
Pbk €18.50
(Publication date: 2001)

Excerpts available in PDF-format

Mary Cullen and Maria Luddy (Editors)
Female Activists: Irish Women and Change 1900-1960
ISBN: 0-9534293-0-X, 250 pp
Pbk €18.50
(Publication date: 2001)

Excerpts available in PDF-format

Hilary Pyle
Red-Headed Rebel
Susan L. Mitchell
Poet and Mystic of the Irish Cultural Renaissance
ISBN 0-9528453-7-7
Pbk €16.50
(Publication date: 1998)

Dermot James
John Hamilton of Donegal 1840-1884
This Recklessly Generous Landlord
ISBN 0-9528453-4-2
Pbk €18.00
(Publication date: 1998)

Hilary Pyle
The Sligo-Leitrim World of Kate Cullen 1832-1913
A 19th Century Memoir Revealed
ISBN 0-9528453-2-6
Pbk €15.00
(Publication date: 1997)

Séamus Ó Maitiú, Barry O’Reilly
A Wicklow Stonecutters Village
ISBN 0-9528453-5-0
Pbk €15.00
(Publication date: 1997)

Dermot James, Séamus Ó Maitiú
The Wicklow World of Elizabeth Smith 1840-1850
ISBN 0-9528453-0-X
Pbk €20.00
(Publication date: 1996)

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