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Joan Ussher Sharkey



Joan Ussher Sharkey
St Anne's
The Story of a Guinness Estate

CoverSt Anne’s – to some it means the world-renowned Rose Garden. Others know it for the rolling grassy acres where they play football or hurling on Sundays. To others yet, the name conjures up a vast magical playground where they, and perhaps their parents before them, have spent many happy hours enjoying childhood games amid the trees and hillocks and hidden corners of this great public park on Dublin’s coastal northside. But what is the story of St Anne’s? And how did the Guinness family used some of their brewing millions to build the splendid mansion that was to stand for over a century at the top of its arrow-straight avenue of magnificent Holm oak trees?

This book, with its original maps and many illustrations of the mansion and its world famous gardens, will bring you inside the now vanished world of St Anne’s demesne, once the scene of glittering balls and garden parties.

It also tells how it became the great recreational resource it is today - a calming oasis of green, still rich in reminders of a bygone age..

Joan Ussher Sharkey grew up in Clontarf and worked for 13 years on the clerical staff of the Guinness brewery in Dublin. For the past 15 years she has been an active member of the Raheny Heritage Society. Besides being involved with the publication of the society’s booklets Raheny Heritage Trail and Census Returns of Raheny and Environs, she was a frequent lecturer on local and family history. Based on her 1998 research into the land acquisitions on the nearby Guinness estate at St Anne’s, she received a diploma in local history from the National University of Ireland, Maynooth. In recent years she has worked as a genealogist with American groups visiting Ireland to research their ancestry.

ISBN 0-9534293-4-2 ; €18.50, 132pp + illustrations including colour plates


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