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Marie Mulholland
The Politics and Relationships of Kathleen Lynn



Marie Mulholland
The Politics and Relationships of Kathleen Lynn

Front Cover: Kathleen Lynn"If they were men, I'd say they were mad, but they are women..." so spoke an unidentified male observer of the efforts of Dr Kathleen Lynn and the women friends who supported her in the historic undertaking to establish St Ultan's Infants Hospital in Dublin. Kathleen Lynn is best known for her pioneering medical practices and her transformation of healthcare services to children and the poor.
However, it is the woman, the social activist, the
suffragist and the militant Republican who takes centre stage in this volume. She emerged from the unlikely origins of a comfortable, unionist family in Co. Mayo to storm Dublin City Hall in 1916 as a lieutenant in Connolly's Irish Citizen Army.
Neither male nor mad, but something much more
challenging - a woman who lived what she believed. Lynn intrigues and resonates half a century after her death supplying inspiration and frustration in equal measure to those of us in Ireland still hungry for change.

ISBN 0-9534293-2-6 Pbk. €14.50
Publication date: April 2002

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Chapter 3: Kathleen Lynn's Easter Rising 1916


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